Helpful Tips:

Chocolate Found Harmful to Canines

In a recent Veterinary Journal, feeding chocolate to dogs
was found to cause toxic shock in 24% of the animals.

A Tip on Brushing Your Pet Effectively

Start brushing from the bottom, and work your way up.
Comb thoroughly after brushing to detect any matting or
tangles you may have missed with your brush.
An important reminder/alert!
Rattle snakes are already out in full force! Watch for tall grass and large rocks and listen for
that rattle sound! Good common sense will save your pets life.
Fox Tails
Fox tails are little stickers that can puncture the skin and work their way into the dogs body and sometimes come out, in another place than where they entered. This causes major discomfort for your pet and can be fatal! Running your hands in your pets paw pads daily is essential and brushing your pet daily will help keep them from entering the skin.

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